Resume Work Banquet Start !

Good news! Safewell ended the Chinese New Year holiday and officially started work! On the afternoon of the opening day, we held a grand opening banquet, and presented awards to all the employees who won awards through hard work and hard work last year, and awarded awards, and even sent a Volvo XC60 car as a prize! Thanks for their hard work and hard work, through their bloody and passionate struggle, they have made outstanding contributions to our company!cb7d52b73169de2da3d3ab237e6fe46
After the awarding session, we conducted a charity session. Mr. Li Zhengyang, a national first-class calligrapher, presented two calligraphy and painting works to our company, and donated all the proceeds to the charity fund. In the end, the works “Goodness” and “Going to a Higher Level” “Successfully auctioned at RMB 128,000 and RMB 208,000 respectively! At the same time, we conducted a charitable donation session and received a total of more than 400,000 yuan in donations from all walks of life. We sincerely thank you for your contributions.31fc0e817ac58b5d3586f5887f4fc2d
Next, after the dinner, our company held a grand fireworks feast. The colorful fireworks were set off for nearly half an hour. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful scenery under the moonlight.6c7d49578c0b799c98a27b843dfd96a
Next is the last link. Mr. Xu Punan, the chairman of our group, summarized and empowered us. We must have a state of “doing practical work and never ending”, and the pursuit of “walking in the forefront and creating a new chapter”. The pattern of “be brave to stand at the forefront and show responsibility”, on the road of struggling life, stick to our goal, fight hard and set off! Safewell started construction, started smoothly, and everything went smoothly. In the new year, all Safewell people will be consistent, take the lead, and promote our innovation and creation wholeheartedly. I wish the new Safewell a galloping momentum! In 2023, let us calm down, set sail, and fight hard!c00a07a3b3192d4a1f32ebddfd8847eb8f8d0c86edc3b6dfaa44d02e569598

Post time: Feb-06-2023