Safewell International long distance tour – “weizhou” unique to you, Beihai tour

In the golden autumn of October, it is a good time for tourism. Safewell International has prepared an exclusive travel plan for outstanding employees and their families in 2021, and the destination is Beihai, the coastal leisure capital of south China. This is the annual employee welfare of Shengwei. Thank you for your dedication to work and your family members' support all the time.

Let's follow in the footsteps of our outstanding employees and review the best moments of this trip.

1: Arrived at Beihai City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Take a flight to Beihai and check into a five-star luxury hotel upon arrival.

In the evening, we had a free time to taste the local delicacy, belly wrapped chicken. The chicken is tender and delicious, and the broth is thick and clear, salty and mellow. After a full meal, an extensive trip to beihai awaits everyone.


2: The north sea to

After breakfast, we drove to beibu Bay central Square, which is the landmark of beihai. The "Soul of the Southern Pearl" sculpture with pools, pearl shells and human materials expresses the awe of the sea, pearls and laborers, which shocked everyone.


Then, we went to the world's best beach "Silver Beach" sightseeing. The white, delicate and silvery Beihai beach is known as "the best beach in the world" for its features of "long flat beach, fine white sand, clean water temperature, soft waves and no sharks". The sea and the beach cleared the usual tension and anxiety as families enjoyed themselves and took pictures.


Finally, we visited the century-old Street, which was built in 1883. Along the street are Chinese and Western style buildings, very distinctive.


3: Beihai -- Weizhou Island

Early in the morning, the family takes a cruise ship to Weizhou Island, penglai island, which is the youngest volcanic island in geological age. On the way, they can enjoy the sea scenery of Beibu Gulf through the porthole and enjoy the vast and endless sea.

After arriving, drive along the road around the island and enjoy the lush vegetation, coral stone buildings and old fishing boats on the beach...... While listening to the narrator introduces the geography, culture and folk customs of Weizhou Island. We gradually have a comprehensive understanding of Weizhou Island.


The first thing to do after landing on the island is scuba diving. After wearing wetsuits, everyone follows the instructor to the designated dive site. The instructor will teach you how to dive and keep you safe underwater, but the hardest part is overcoming your fear.

Before diving, everyone practiced repeatedly with the instructor, put on the diving goggles, and tried to breathe only by mouth. About to enter the water, we tried to adjust our breathing, under the professional guidance of the coach, we finally completed the diving trip perfectly.

The beautiful fish and coral on the sea floor surprised everyone.


Then, we entered the volcano geopark. Take a hike along the wooden boardwalk along the beach for a close-up view of the cacti landscape and the unique volcanic landscape. Crater landscape, sea erosion landscape, tropical plant landscape with unique charm, all let people marvel at the magic of nature.

Along the way, there are dragon Palace adventure, hidden turtle cave, thief cave, beasts in the sea, sea erosion arch bridge, Moon Bay, coral sedimentary rock, the sea runs dry and the rocks rot and other landscapes, each of which is worth savor.

4: Go to BeiHai again

Early in the morning, the family drove to the Port scenic area, the scenic area unique architecture, strange style. They learned about the Tanka cattle bone decoration, watched the Bulang fire-breathing stunt and dance performance, and visited the Marine Warship Museum.


Later, the families went to sea on a chartered boat, enjoying the sea view on the boat while enjoying a barbecue and various fruits. Midway through, you also experienced the fun of sea fishing, comfortable boat, sea breeze head on, family happy outing, full of goods.


Finally, you went to golden Bay Mangrove, the final stop of this tour. The scenic area has a "sea forest" of more than 2,000 mu, namely mangrove forest, where families can see flocks of ducks flying into the sky, blue sky, blue sea, red sun and white sand.


Post time: Jun-18-2022