The Lantern Festival, also known as Shangyuan Festival, is the first full moon night since the New Year. It is also said to be a time of blessing from tian-guan.

【 Congratulations 】 Welcome the New Year

Good commend

On the occasion of this festival, Safewell International held the hot Lantern Festival celebration and the New Spring Banquet at the New Safewell Platform in the Asia Pacific Headquarters park. The celebration was carried out in four chapters: "He", "Xin", "spring" and "banquet", which means welcoming the new and praising, looking into the future, sowing spring and blooming energy! Safewell family is in great interest and the atmosphere is enthusiastic!
Charity is like a spark. Wherever there is a need, it will shine. Every little glimmer of light can form a vast ocean. Love can drive away loneliness, and love can create happiness. In the New Year, I wish sunway's charity will get better and better, benefiting more and more people who have the right destiny!

Benchmarking enterprise and individual commendation

Struggle is the source of success, struggle is the foundation of achievement. In the process of the vigorous development of New Sunway, a large number of outstanding joint-stock companies have emerged. They have been firmly based on the sunway platform and have made breakthroughs and innovations despite the hardships of entrepreneurship. Beyond self, return gratitude, their exploits are dazzling!
All the joint-stock companies of the new Sunway platform have played a role of model, and the outstanding bosses have made great efforts! They aim high, learn deeply, be self-reliant and cherish happiness. They are the role models of our new bosses!

Winner of the Self-reliance Award
Shirin Yu. general manager of Safewell Xiunan Co


Winner of the "Making Rich Hero Award"
Safewell Logistics Company general manager Jiang Chuan

The new Safewell platform can not ride the wind and waves without the responsibility of soldiers! The iron will and hard work of the soldiers forge ahead, casting the platform impenetrable. Thanks for his firm belief, thanks for his hard work!


The winner of the model Worker Award
Sheng Weixin times Cui Juntao

"Creating wealth", "getting rich" and "creating wealth" are the unremitting goals of New Shengwei. All Safewellstaff will also make use of the benefits and power provided by new Safewellplatform to continuously climb up and march on the road with high songs! In the future, we believe that under the guidance of Shengwei's thought, SafewellPlatform will burst out more solid strength, flourish and blossom together.

[New] Outlook

As a New Year begins, everything looks new. The year 2022 is the first year for the new Safewellto officially set sail. Looking back on the fruitful past, we need to get ready to sail the giant ship SafewellPlatform to meet our next stop!

Ms. MAO Donghong, vice Chairman of the board of directors of Shengwei, read the 135th plan of the new Safewellplatform to us, and encouraged all Safewellfamily members to put on new equipment, pack up new backpacks and embark on a new journey together with Safewellwith new passion at the beginning of the New Year!

A thunderbolt,
Wake up the family of the new Safewellera
Be your new self
A spring rain
Enriches the fertile soil of the new Sunway platform
A gust of wind
Blowing the horn of countless dream pursuers advancing dreams

The Lantern Festival symbolizes the coming of spring. The Lantern Festival also symbolizes the coming of spring. The Lantern Festival also symbolizes the coming of spring. Xu Punan, chairman of Sunway International, summed up empowerment. with the words "spring thunder, spring rain and spring breeze", he encouraged your family members to firm up their goals and start again after hard work.

Safewellteam display

In 2022, the new Safewellhas come. In the new era of Shengwei, we are required to welcome the spring breeze of opportunities and plant seeds diligently. On the basis of inheriting the entrepreneurial foundation platform of the old Safewellfor 23 years from scratch, we are required to carry on the spiritual inheritance and carry on the sanbao operation, so as to take on the baton of shengwei's century-old development.

New era, new hope. Safewellactively responds to the government's call of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", encourages all Safewellpeople to innovate and start their own businesses, and provides a platform for families with entrepreneurial ideas, and continuously infuse young people with bold vision, bold courage and bold efforts!


[Feast] Set sail

Open the door, join hands, New shengwei, let us go to the future with full enthusiasm!

Fire tree, silver flowers, colorful flowers. At 20:18 on February 15, 2022, all Safewellfamily members watched the splendid fireworks feast together. The fireworks were higher than the other, and everyone praised and surprised again and again. On the occasion of the Lantern Festival, Safewellfamily may wish, wish the new Safewellnew atmosphere together, bonanza, bright brilliant!


Let us look forward to the long-awaited red envelope feast followed, lucky Safewell family blessing relay, awards continue, the scene lively.
One year old all sections on yuan Qi, one year old beautiful beginning today. In 2022, let us pursue our dreams on a new journey and move forward to a new future. The Year of the Tiger is like adding wings to the tiger, and the New Safewellplatform is booming!

Post time: Jun-13-2022