XIUNAN-LEISURE in Germany SpogaGafa 2023

Our company, XIUNANLEISURE, participated in the prestigious spogagafa exhibition held in Germany. This three-day event took place from JUN.18 at the mesmerizing 5.2 hall, where we proudly showcased our range of innovative outdoor products. Among them were swings, trampolines, and seesaws, designed to bring joy and excitement to people of all ages.


Located at booth B070, our exhibition space became a magnet for both existing and prospective clients from around the world. This remarkable gathering offered us a golden opportunity to personally meet and engage with our overseas customers, as well as forge new connections in the industry. The event proved to be a phenomenal success, fostering friendly exchanges and leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

During the exhibition, our team had the privilege of demonstrating the exceptional features and quality of our products to an enthusiastic audience. The swings swayed effortlessly, the trampolines provided exhilarating moments of fun, and the seesaws created a harmonious rhythm of laughter. Visitors marvelled at the durability, safety measures, and unique design elements incorporated into each item.


The atmosphere at our booth was filled with warmth, as our dedicated staff members eagerly shared knowledge and interacted with visitors. We received valuable feedback, suggestions, and compliments from both loyal customers and first-time acquaintances. This direct interaction allowed us to better understand the preferences and requirements of our international clientele, strengthening our commitment to delivering exceptional products and services.

Participating in this renowned exhibition was an immensely enriching experience for XIUNANLEISURE. The event created an ideal platform for us to foster relationships, expand our global reach, and showcase our expertise in the outdoor product industry. We would like to extend heartfelt gratitude to all visitors, partners, and supporters who made this achievement possible.


Stay tuned to our website for updates on new products, exciting promotions, and future events where we can reconnect with valued customers and forge new friendships.

Post time: Oct-06-2023