XPT006 Wooden Chicken coop Ⅰ for Courtyard

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Dimension: L1720*W640*H110mm
Thickness of board: 9mm

  • MOQ: 100pcs
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    XPT006 Wooden Chicken Coop Ⅰ For Courtyard

    Chicken Coop for outdoor playground1

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    Item No. Name Picture Material Color L*W*H G.W. N.W.
    XPT006 Wooden Chicken coop Ⅰ for Courtyard  Chicken Coop for outdoor playground1 Paulownia/Canadian pine wood Nature/Grey/
    L1720*W640*H110mm 22kg 21kg

    Advantage & Feature

    1:A small nest suitable for raising poultry in the courtyard, the wooden structure, and the right-sized wooden boards are combined with screws to create this chicken coop full of natural flavor and medieval aesthetics. It is very easy to build, just follow the instructions and use a screwdriver to correctly combine the wooden doors, you can get this convenient chicken coop, so that your free-range poultry will no longer have to worry about no place to live or no place to build their own secrets.


    2:Small nests, a structure that all birds like. The poultry living area is located on the second floor of the entire chicken coop. Because the living height is raised, he can easily avoid the insects on the ground from disturbing his offspring, and it can also block the moisture on the ground after the rain, so that it can stay. Keep the place dry and comfortable, with space under the nest for the birds to feed, and a little lesson (just a joke) for the disobedient new birds running around in it.

    3:It's easy to move the whole cage around to change the layout of the yard, or even to disassemble the whole cage into planks and stack them together in a box or in your trunk when you need to move.

    4:If you're planning a trip with your dear chicken or duck, you can also keep him inside and lock his little door, taking the whole cage out to play with. In short, this beautiful and natural chicken coop is the best place you can provide for small animals. By the way, we also have other styles of cages, if you need it, please check our homepage to choose your own or contact us, thank you very much.

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