XCF006 Dome Climbing for Children Outdoor Jungle Gym Swingset with Rocks

Short Description:

Dimension: Diam. 2800*2800*1400mm
Metal Tube Size: D25*T1mm
Pipe fittings with climbing stone.
Max Weight Capacity : more than 150kg

  • MOQ: 100pcs
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    XCF006 Dome Climbing For Children Outdoor Jungle Gym Swingset With Rocks


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    Item No. Name Picture Material Color L*W*H G.W. N.W.
    XCF006 Dome Climbing for Children Outdoor Jungle Gym Swingset with Rocks  XCF006 HDPE/powder coated steel Customized 2800*2800*1400mm 37kg 35.5kg

    Advantage & Feature

    1. Enhancing children's basic physical characteristics such as muscular gymnastic strength, balance and coordination, and agility.

    2. Enhancing children's cognitive and sensory abilities.

    3. To regulate endocrine secretion, enhance immunity and build a healthy mind and will.

    4. Promotes the growth and development of skeletal muscles and gums to enhance physical fitness. Promotes high growth.

    5. Develop good lifestyle habits.


    It is not about making every child a professional athlete. The important thing is to let them enjoy the fun of exercise, improve their physical fitness and build a solid foundation for their future lives.

    The best love is to give your child what he or she needs most at the right time. Play can be for leisure or exercise; it can support with early development and curiosity, but most importantly leave children and adults alike feeling happy.Let kids discover the magical world around them and experience a ‘life at play’. Choose us and try it! During the process of the outdoor climbing frame, the distance and height are constantly changing, and each new height climbed will bring new sensations and body faces to the child's vision, which helps to cultivate the child's spatial concept. At the same time, it also enables the child to observe the environment from a new perspective, which is conducive to the child's exploration of the environment and fully satisfies his or her curiosity.

    When climbing, children need to mobilise all parts of their body to operate in a coordinated manner, requiring the cooperation of hands, feet, eyes and all parts of the body, which is conducive to exercising children's body coordination, making them more flexible and responsive, and is of great benefit to promoting physical development.

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