XAS-B08 EVA Board

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    XAS-B08 EVA Board


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    Item No. Name Picture Material Color L*W*H G.W.
    XAS-B08 EVA Board  XAS-B08 EVA,
    Customized 670*140*6mm 1.5kg

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    EVABoard is a swing seat type accessory suitable for children to play. It can be purchased separately or together with our company's swing as an accessory. The main material is EVA, Nickel. The reason for choosing EVA is that EVA is resistant to acid and alkali and organic solvents. , soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons; excellent electrical insulation, low temperature resistance; at low temperatures, maintain great toughness. Ozone and mildew resistant.


    When the VA content is low, similar to LDPE, it is soft and has good impact strength. When the VA content is high, it has rubber-like elasticity and greater transparency. Generally, EVA material has good hand feel, rubber elasticity, low temperature flexibility, flexural resistance and stress cracking resistance, and can withstand large load impact. At the same time, EVA material has good water resistance, good corrosion resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, Good processability, good vibration resistance, good elasticity, good thermal insulation performance, good sound insulation performance, good toughness, it is a very good material.

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